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The rapid change of pace and explosive growth of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is changing the way applications use available data, enrich user experiences and open new distribution and sales channels. The Livn API strategy is based on developing a single API that enables distribution partners to create industry vertical add on solutions. Features like geocoded product indexes and instant availability responses, due to the Livn smart cache, are features that place the Livn API at the cutting edge of the industry. Our API has been created by developers for developers. We aim to support a highly professional developer community allowing them to create unique tour and activity applications.

Livn also provides innovative aggregating technologies that unlock structured automation within the tour and activity sector of the travel vertical. We exist to drive measurable value within buyer and seller relationships by enabling distribution solutions that deliver efficiencies and increased revenues for our partners. With Livn you have access to over 30,000 tours and activities in over 3,000 cities across more than 196 countries on seven continents. They are instantly available with pricing and confirmation through a single API that links into your own booking system. Livn continues to grow its supplier network extensively, adding more quality, bookable, products every week.

'Powerful connections through a master API' Livn’s API is a single source B2B access point to all tour and activity suppliers currently using vendor reservation platforms

The Livn Tour & Activity Master API has been built over the top of many other leading third party tour and activity reservation platform API’s. Given API connectivity is at the very core of our corporate competence, the platform architecture utilised ensures the Livn API is powerful, relevant, robust and extensible while being very well documented, allowing for industry scale and performance.

Livn’s API facilitates access to all tour and activity suppliers currently using vendor reservation platforms. Livn also integrates to many bespoke global supplier APIs, creating a truly versatile and cutting edge solution.

Connection made easy


Livn’s revolutionary system is a cloud-based application. It integrates supplier reservation systems into one online platform, then connects them to a world of renowned distributors. We aggregate day and multi-day tours, activities and attractions from all over the globe, from unique operators to worldwide touring companies. We deliver this content via our own API, giving distributors access to real-time availability and rates, right up until tour departure time, through one simple connection. You can simply connect to the Livn API and still use your own booking interface.

Livn: Providing true connection

The Livn API delivers pure automation, access to product data, live product pricing, geotagged media, live availability, live bookings, inclusions, descriptions, itineraries, terms and conditions as well as supplier company details. The Livn Tour & Activity API can be integrated into virtually any chosen point of sale system.



A deeper dive into Livn’s Technology

Unrivalled access to Real Time Tour and Activity Product

Our API mantra at Livn is: Keep it simple, precise and most of all, keep it stable.

Not only restricted to the Tour & Activity market, the current API explosion has delivered some gems but also many bizarre and complicated interpretations of what an API should deliver.

We have designed our API with best practices in mind. All of our developers are consistency advocates.

Our REST API resources are coarse grained and peppered with a mix of convenience calls to make life easy for our client developers. You don’t have to make numerous calls to drill down to the data you need.

We deliver a rich set of metadata allowing the creative developer to explore new possibilities when designing the next killer application for the Tour & Activity market.
We are in constant communication with our client developers, our reservation system partners and end users to arrive at commonly beneficial solutions.


The Livn Smart Cache


We are using VoltDB to cache availability and pricing information.

VoltDB is an in-memory, operational database built to rapidly import, operate on, and then export huge amounts of data at lightning speed.

Our cache protects our reservation system partners from unnecessary traffic and enables our client developers to display availability and pricing information instantly for up to 360 days.


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