Livn API Wholesale

If you do not have existing relationships with tour & activity suppliers, Livn API is already connected with thousands of tours & activities. Just Plug & Play.

Livn has spent years cultivating partnerships and integrating in real-time with the best tour operators globally. This includes large international operators as well as local companies giving you the best possible pre-negotiated rates on a global range of select and verified tours, activities and attractions.

  • Pure automation
  • Livn API is easy-to-connect
  • Connect your website or mobile app directly to tour & activity reservation system
  • Live pricing, availability and bookings
  • Use Livn’s existing pre-negotiated re-seller market rates
  • Livn manage all supplier relationships and payments for you

Livn B2B Marketplace

Livn Booking Portal is built on top of Livn’s API, which means there is no technical or financial investment required – we couldn’t make it any easier for you to get started.

  • Easy self-sign up process
  • Out of the box agent User Interface (UI) with great User Experience (UX) design
  • Live inventory and rates
  • Extensive supplier information and images
  • Make last minute bookings
  • Global product range
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Create quotes & Itineraries
  • Instant confirmation
  • Immediate voucher

Livn Portal checks availability and rates in real-time, providing travel agents with instant confirmation and immediate production of travel vouchers. We offer a complete service model, handling all payments to suppliers for you.

Importantly, Livn does not sell directly to consumers. We are here to help power our travel trade partners.

Purely B2B

Our primary goal is to ensure our partners have access to the right product at the right time.

The Livn API provides a vehicle for sellers in the global travel ecosystem to complete transactions directly without requiring custom connections to tour and activity suppliers.

Livn API will allow your company to reach more suppliers more efficiently and at a greatly reduced cost allowing you to focus your attention on growing sales without unnecessary operational burden.


    Connection made easy

    Livn’s system is a cloud-based application. We aggregate day and multi-day tours, activities and attractions from all over the globe, from unique operators to worldwide touring companies. We deliver this content via our own API, giving you access to real-time availability and rates, right up until tour departure time. You can simply connect to the Livn API and still use your own booking interface.



    Not every API is the same

    The rapid change of pace and explosive growth of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is changing the way applications use available data, enrich user experiences and open new distribution and sales channels.

    We have LIVE access to day and multi-day tours, activities and attractions from all over the globe, from unique operators to worldwide touring companies.

    The Livn API platform delivers pure automation, access to product data, live product pricing, geotagged media, live availability, live bookings, inclusions, descriptions, itineraries, terms and conditions as well as supplier company details.

    The Livn API is powerful, relevant, robust and extensible while being very well documented, and it can be integrated into any chosen sales platform.

    Find out how Livn can help your business drive additional revenue without the need for additional expenditure.

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    Activation process

    • Step 1
      Fill in and send the form.

    • Step 2
      You will get a call or email from one of our activiation representatives, who will guide you through the integration process.

    • Step 3
      An integration package will be presented to you outlining the terms and conditions of integration.

    • Step 4
      Upon acceptance of our terms and conditions you will then be issued a integration questionaire to help us give you a estimated integration timeline.

    • Step 5
      Once the timeline is approved, the live integration process will begin and upon completition your connection will be deployed to our travel network.

    Integration timelines are not definite and may change subject to the complexity of the integration. We are a use pay system where charges do not begin until a booking is made.

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