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Livn is a one of a kind travel technology provider. We distribute tour, activity and attraction content to travel agencies and other travel resellers through a robust API, live and in real-time.

We want to empower the distribution process with a compelling opportunity to expand and maximise potential revenue. No matter how good your technology or current distribution strategy, by reselling your products through distribution channels made available by Livn, you will be able to expand your market exposure locally, nationally, regionally, even globally.

Livn is a B2B business model and only sells through the retail channel. Livn’s technologies connect with numerous well established partners where your products will gain exposure to a unique spread of players in and around the travel distribution space, including online travel

agencies (OTA’s), travel wholesalers, ‘mobile-first’ apps and retail travel agents.

Quality control is a part of our nature, so we provide an extranet service that enables you to quickly see exactly what your customers will be seeing as relates to your products.  And unlike some channel managers, we add significant value by geographically mapping products to start and end locations, tour durations and times and airport codes – things that make a big very difference at point of sale.

Livn is at the forefront of innovation. Our latest value-add is to optionally distribute your product into the GDS (Global Distribution Systems), the travel booking platforms universally used by almost all travel agents. This ensures that every retail travel agent in the world has access to your information when they look for tours and activities.

One truly powerful connection

The Livn Tour & Activity Master API can be integrated into any chosen point of sale system. This approach ensures that the distributor’s touring content remains in the existing workflow of the users, facilitating a flow through to client itineraries, as well as existingback office systems. Livn’s API solution doesn’t get in between commercial (commission, payments, etc) relationships with suppliers. It acts purely as a technology enabler. Livn recognises that our API subscribers have unique commercial agreements with each of the suppliers that they choose to connect with. Our aim is to enable the industry to see those flourish further.


Amplified distribution in an instant


Livn’s revolutionary system is a cloud-based application. It integrates renowned travel distributors’ supplier reservation systems into one online platform, in real-time, then connects them to a world of renowned distributors. We aggregate day and multi-day tours, activities and attractions from all over the globe, from unique operators to worldwide touring companies. We deliver this content via our own API, giving distributors access to real-time availability and rates, right up until tour departure time, through one simple connection. You can still use your own reservation system and we simply connect you to the Livn system. Our team of technical experts will make the connection easy. Once operational your product is available to the global travel agency community.


    Livn: Smarter distribution, broader reach

    The Livn API delivers pure automation, access to product data, live product pricing, live availability, live bookings, inclusions, descriptions, itineraries, as well as your products, terms and conditions.



    Livn Content Manager

    Traditionally, brochures and a supporting website have been the primary vehicles for your product to be presented to travel agency partners. The Livn Content Manager is set to become a cornerstone of your new distribution strategy to accelerate sales.

    Our operator partners are rapidly becoming aware of the critical business advantages to be gained through displaying better quality information. The Livn Content Manager vastly simplifies both the sharing of information and the ability to add granular product information, in a very simple and reliable manner.

    We share this responsibility for product quality, while giving you greater visibility for the content displayed downstream. We curate the data and present it to our customers in a far more meaningful manner.

    The Livn Content Manager then delivers your product content with context. When your product is optimised in this way, sales conversion rates will increase because the information is more in line with what customers need to know, when they specifically need access to it. Please register your interest now and we would be delighted to share the power of this distribution solution.

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    Integration timelines are not definite and may change subject to the complexity of the integration. We are a use pay system where charges do not begin until a booking is made.

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