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Our Agent B2B Ticketing tool is built on top of Livn’s powerful Master Tour & Activity API. Simply login with your pre-approved credentials and start earning commission immediately. There is no technical or financial investment required—we couldn’t make it any easier for you to get started.

Livn has spent years cultivating partnerships and integrating in real-time with the best tour operators globally. This includes large international operators as well as local companies to give our retail agents the best possible pre-negotiated rates on a global range of select and verified tours and activities.

Our platform is used by major travel companies and we have pioneered the capability to efficiently aggregate the best experiences from hundreds of operators representing thousands of products, making shopping for specialty travel as easy as booking a flight or hotel online.

Let the Livn technology do all the heavy lifting in the background. We check availability and rates in real-time, providing you with instant confirmation and immediate production of travel vouchers. We offer agents a complete service model, handling all payments to suppliers for you, freeing up your time to do more of what you do best.

Unrivalled access to Real Time Tour and Activity Products

3,000 cities

196 countries

7 continents

Smart Integration Partners: A single source to the best experiences globally

These solutions allow larger organisations to build new services around Livn’s Master API Technology. Our Livn Master API offers you a dual solution for integrating tour and activity content into your agency product toolkit.

  • Livn Experience Marketplace API

    The Livn API can be integrated into any chosen agency point of sale system. This approach ensures that any booking of our extensive range of touring content remains in the existing workflow of the users, facilitating a flow through to client itineraries as well as your mid and back office systems.

  • Livn Direct
    Connect API

    Provides the same services as the Livn Experience Marketplace API, but our role in the service provisioning differs. Livn’s API solution doesn’t get in between our customers’ commercial (commission, payments, etc) relationship with its suppliers. We act purely as a technology enabler under this service model. We recognise that our direct API subscribers have unique commercial agreements with each of the suppliers that they choose to connect with.

Unlocking new models for the travel industry: Meet LivnPlay


LivnPlay is a mobile and tablet responsive platform that enables your agency to continue to provide shopping and reservations assistance to your travellers while they are actually in-destination.

Traditionally once travel commenced, most travellers only contacted their booking agent in the instance of a problem, but it would be unusual for there to be further revenue generating interactions. LivnPlay helps change that and opens a significant new revenue model for our agency partners.

We work closely with tours and activities suppliers and know that same day activities are rarely booked before travel commences. Many of the in-destination activities are either unknown to them or are spontaneous decisions based on mood, weather, people they meet in their travels, etc.

With a large database of bookable products, Livn has tour and activity content available globally. Because our products are geocoded, your customers will only ever be presented with available product options that are in their immediate locality. If they like what they see, they click through to purchase (via credit card) and are then sent real time vouchers and confirmation numbers that we pass on directly from the suppliers host system. LivnPlay does all the heavy lifting and your agency is sent commission for having made the sale.

Importantly, Livn does not sell directly to consumers. We are here to help power our travel trade partners. LivnPlay is a free-to-use tool that gives your agency the ability to touch a part of the model previously out of your reach, and to do so 24/7.

We think that LivnPlay will be your new best friend!

Find out how Livn can help your business drive additional revenue without the need for additional expenditure.

We’re always happy to discuss your business and how we can help. Register now or visit our agent specific Livn Holidays site to find out more.

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Activation process

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    Fill in and send the form.

  • Step 2
    You will get a call or email from one of our activiation representatives, who will guide you through the integration process.

  • Step 3
    An integration package will be presented to you outlining the terms and conditions of integration.

  • Step 4
    Upon acceptance of our terms and conditions you will then be issued a integration questionaire to help us give you a estimated integration timeline.

  • Step 5
    Once the timeline is approved, the live integration process will begin and upon completition your connection will be deployed to our travel network.

Integration timelines are not definite and may change subject to the complexity of the integration. We are a use pay system where charges do not begin until a booking is made.

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