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The tours and activities space is one of the most vibrant sectors of the travel industry, yet one of the least disrupted. Only a few years ago it was still operating on old school techniques, not keeping up with the pace of change and technologies of other areas of the industry, such as hotels, airlines and car hire. That was until Livn.

Livn was created to bridge the gap between distributors and suppliers and empower the tours and activities space with connectivity. It was a simple concept that required an extremely complex solution to allow a much better and much closer relationship between distributors and suppliers of tours and activities by creating a technology solution that joined them together effortlessly.

Since 2012 Livn API based technology platform and deep industry expertise is has been at the forefront of empowering change.

Our platform architecture ensures the Livn API is powerful, relevant, robust and extensible while being very well documented, allowing for industry scale and performance.

We exist to drive measurable value within buyer and seller relationships by enabling distribution solutions that deliver efficiencies and increased revenues for our partners.

Livn at a glance

  • ico-dualsolution
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  • Global reach

    We provide the most comprehensive range of tours and activity content from across the world.

  • Dual solution

    Your distribution requirements rule. You can manage your own rates and commercials with your suppliers (Livn Direct Connect API) or use our Livn Experience Marketplace rates to transact immediately upon integration.

  • Dynamic support

    Technical and product support is on-hand and available when you need it most.

  • Pure automation

    We deliver a no-touch booking process, completely automated from availability and rate search to booking and confirmation.

  • End-to-end content

    We offer complete end-to-end product content including product information, T&Cs and comprehensive image libraries.

  • Detailed reporting

    Transactions, trends, revenue and yield are revealed in detail with our reporting features.

Leadership Team

  1. Mark Rizzuto
  2. Steve Martinez
  3. Hans Jagla
  4. Andreas Klein
  5. Gary Gelenter
  6. Jacquline Mangalino

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Rizzuto is one of the most experienced leaders in the travel industry. Hand-picked from the tight grip of major airline Virgin Australia, Mark brings a level of industry expertise that few CEOs of disruptors can boast.

Most recently, Mark was General Manager, Distribution & E-Commerce, for Virgin Australia, holding the global responsibility for all digital platforms and customer engagement across multiple sales channels, driving almost AU$2b in annual online revenue.

Mark is to the technology sector of the travel industry what Usain Bolt is to sprinting. He has spent his career in a variety roles in Australasia, delivering multi-channel distribution, ecommerce, technical, and strategic consulting services to some of the region’s largest retail chains, OTA’s, airlines and GDS companies.

Since joining Livn, Mark has been refining and tuning the business ensuring it stays focused on serving clients and improving their profitability.

Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Martinez is one of the best placed travel experts to create a technology solution for the tours and activities space. He’s not just worked in it, he’s lived it for decades. It was this experience that motivated him to create Livn in 2012 and plug a massive gap in the market.

Since Livn came into being, Steve has guided it from success to success. Today, Livn is the largest real-time aggregator of tours and activities with over 700,000 integrated bookable offerings. The company has over 35 travel and technology experts building more features and refining the product every day.

When Livn was a mere unreadable electrical pulse dashing around Steve’s brain, he worked at the coalface of the tours and activities space as a senior member of one of Australia’s premier activity providers, Raging Thunder Adventures. There he was directly responsible for distribution, customer retention and acquisition, executive networking and high level contract negotiation.

Steve brings to Livn more than just experience. His reputation in the industry for honesty and fun is matched with a serious passion for travel and a great industry network.

Chief Technology Officer

Hans has over 30 years’ experience in software development across multiple sectors including academia, hospitality, recruitment, and FMCG. But his true passion has always been the travel industry. Hans’ track record includes successful application development projects for a premium hotel group, large travel agency chains and small-to-medium tour and accommodation suppliers.

At Livn, Hans uses his in-depth knowledge and skills to develop software applications that drive process efficiency and innovation for travel companies, keeping Livn at the forefront of technological improvement.

He also brings substantial entrepreneurial expertise to Livn, after building his own software development business and making a multitude of strategic investments in small to medium travel companies.

Hans is a big believer in the power of ever-growing, instantly available data and wants nothing more than to harness this power for the travel industry through Livn.

Lead Software Engineer

With over 10 years’ experience specifically working in the technology sector of the travel industry, there is not much Andreas hasn’t seen, developed or worked on. From tour operators to accommodation providers, he’s done it. Now he’s in control of Livn’s software development, seeing it grow from a single line of code to what it is today.

Since cutting his programming teeth during the 8-bit era of the ’80s, Andreas has never voluntarily stepped away from a computer keyboard for more than a few weeks at a time, and it pains him to do it. He’s travel obsessed, a proud geek, early adopter of all things tech, a self-confessed non-reader of manuals, and frequent warranty voider. Luckily for him, Livn’s system has never broken and doesn’t come with a warranty.

Andreas is an analytical thinker, an immense benefit to Livn. He breaks down issues completely to create new and unique results that benefit our clients in ways the industry has not yet seen.

General Manager, Business Solutions

A digital native since digital came to being, Gary has worked in and around the travel industry for more than 35 years, the last 15 particularly with e-commerce solutions. His experience ranges from working with some of the most iconic travel brands to the most dynamic startups.

Gary has worked at brands including Hotelclub, Travelport and Bank of America. He has also spent time working with brands across the spectrum of OTA’s, retail and wholesale travel agencies, and TMC’s. Not only is Gary a member of CPA Australia, he acts as the honorary auditor for the Sydney and Australian chapters of Skål, the world’s largest travel and tourism network.

Gary’s life revolves around innovation, automation and improvement. And golf. Gary loves golf and hopes to innovate and improve his game except that Livn keeps getting in the way of that.

Head of Customer Service

Jacquline has established herself in the travel and hospitality industry as a seasoned professional with more than 10 years’ experience. As Head of Product she is responsible for maintaining relationships among the hundreds of operators, suppliers and distributors on the Livn platform.

Prior to Livn, Jacquline held management roles for Accor Hotels and Student Flights Australia. Within her first year at Livn she was voted Rookie of the Year at the Backpackers Association Australia Awards. Her high performance has made her a marked executive in the travel industry, but it’s Livn’s dynamic products and supportive team that have kept her in the family for the last three years.

Jacquline has played a critical role in Livn’s understanding of the demand the industry has for a better way of working with the tours and activity space. With that knowledge, the company can organise the supply in an effective manner through Livn’s exclusive distribution channels.


  • Since integrating our Adventures Tours content into Livn GDS, we have been able to grow our sales without increasing costs due to the lower requirements on our customer support centre, through our real-time integration.

    David Thomson
    Adventure Tours Australia

  • The introduction of Livn to our stores has allowed us to effectively grow the region through lowering our booking and ticketing times through its realtime capabilities.

    Sean Martin
    Student Flights Australia

Find out how Livn can help your business drive additional revenue without the need for additional expenditure.

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Integration timelines are not definite and may change subject to the complexity of the integration. We are a use pay system where charges do not begin until a booking is made.

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